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  • Personal Information
    ​Research Areas
    Art of the Hellenistic Age from Israel
    Clay and Bronze Figurines of the Persian, Hellenistic and Roman Periods
    Ancient Mosaics
    Ancient Jewish Art
    Archaeology of Israel in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods
    2004 - Ph.D. in Land of Israel Studies, Bar Ilan University. Dissertation topic: “The Art of the Hellenistic Age in the Land of Israel”.

    2004– Post Doctorate at the Institute of Archaeology and Wolfson College, Oxford
  • Courses
  • Publications

    2008 - Erlich A. and Kloner A., Maresha Excavations Final Report II, Hellenistic Terracotta Figurines from the 1989-1996 Seasons (IAA Reports 35), Jerusalem 2008

    2009 - Erlich A., The Art of the Hellenistic Palestine, British Archaeological Reports International Series 2010, Oxford 2009.

    2010 - Faust A. and Erlich A., The Excavations of Kh. er-Rasm, Israel: The Changing Faces of the Countryside (British Archaeological Reports International Series 2187), Oxford 2011.

    Selected Articles in Refereed Journals

    2002 - “Hellenistic Terracottas from Maresha: Between Art and Craft”, Assaph, Studies in Art History 7, pp. 1-15.

    2006 - "The Persian Period Terracotta Figurines from Maresha in Idumea: Local and Regional Aspects", Transeuphratène 32, pp. 45-59.

    2008 - Faust A. and Erlich A., "Hasmonean Policy toward Jentile Population in Light of the Excavations at Khirbet er-Rasm and Additional Rural Sites", Jerusalem and Eretz-Israel 6 (2008), pp. 5-32 (Hebrew) (equal contribution).

    2009 - Erlich A., "The Image of Kybele in the Land of Israel in the Hellenistic period", Eretz-Israel 29 (2009), Ephraim Stern Book, pp. 22-34 (Hebrew).

    2009 - Erlich A., "Clay Rhyta from Maresha", Transeuphratène 37 (2009), pp 81-88.
    Other Publications

    2004 - “A Bronze Figurine from Be’erotaim”, in R. Cohen and R. Cohen Amin, The Early Settlement at the Negev, Vol. 2, Iron Age II and the Persian Period, IAA Reports, Jerusalem, pp. 217-219 (Heb.).

    2006 - "Hellenistic and Byzantine Terracotta Figurines", in A Mazar (ed.), Excavations at Tell Beth Shean Between 1989-1996, Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society, pp. 616-625.

    2007 - Erlich A. and Kloner A., "Plastic Vessels and Rhyta from Maresha", Qadmoniot 134 (2007), pp.103-109 (Hebrew).

    2009 - Erlich A., Book Review: Jackson, Heather. Jebel Kahlid on the Euphrates. Vol. 2, The Terracotta Figurines (Meditarch Suppl. 6). Mediterranean Archaeology, Sydney 2006. American Journal of Archaeology 113 (2009), pp. 143-144.

    2009 - Erlich A., "The Terracotta Figurine of a Horse ", In Y. Garfinkel and S. Ganor (Eds.), Khirbet Qeiyafa Vol. 1: Excavation Report
    2007-2008, Jerusalem 2009, pp. 225-227.
    2009 - Erlich A., "Terracotta Figurines and Masks", in A. Segal et al. (eds.), Hippos-Sussita, Tenth Season of Excavations, Haifa 2009, pp. 53-62.
    2010 - Erlich A., “Part Two: Figurines, Sculpture and Minor Art of the Hellenistic and Roman Periods", in E. Stern, Excavations at Dor, Figurines, Cult Object and Amulets, 1980-2000 Seasons, Israel Exploration Society, Jerusalem 2010, pp. 117-212.

    Selected Active Participation in Scholarly Conferences
    2005 - British Association of Near Eastern Archaeology, Oxford: "Clear Ambiguity: Problems of Iconography in the Art of Hellenistic Maresha, Israel".

    2005 - International conference on Art History, Haifa University: "Who is who: the ambiguous iconography in the art of Hellenistic Maresha".

    2003 - XVI conference of the Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica, Boston: "Deities of Hellenistic Maresha: Divine and Undefined Iconography".

    2003 - VI Colloque International sur la Transeuphratène ? l`époque perse: Pouvoirs, Socétés et Religions, Paris: “Persian and Hellenistic Terracotta Figurines from Maresha: aspects of Succession and Modification”

    2007 - International Conference on Terracotta Figurines in the Greek and Roman Eastern Mediterranean: Production and Diffusion, Iconography and Function, Izmir: : Chair person: Production Centers: Ionia; Poster: Terracotta Figurines from Israel: Greek Inspiration and Local Traditions

    2009 - The Archaeological institute of America, Annual meeting, Philadelphia: Between Sidon and Alexandria: Hellenistic Terracotta Figurines from Israel

    2009 – Annual meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research, New Orleans: Double face, multiple meanings: the Hellenistic pillar figurines from Maresha, Israel

    2010 - Annual meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research, Atlanta: The emergence of enthroned females in Hellenistic terracottas from Israel.

    2011 - British Association of Near Eastern Archaeology, Norwich, UK: From to clay to stone: production methods of figurines from Israel in the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods and their impact on style.

    2011 - Figurines en contexte : iconographie et fonction(s), XXXVe Symposium International organisé par Halma-Ipel, Lille, France: Buried under the floor: An Eros figurine from Tel Kedesh at Northern Israel.
  • Participation in Conferences
      Colloquium Talks and other Invited Addresses
    2004 - Roman Discussion Forum, Institute of Archaeology, Oxford University:
    Plastic Vases from Maresha, Israel: When East met West.

    2005 - Greek Archaeology Group, Institute of Archaeology, Oxford University:
    "Between Sidon and Alexandria: the painted tomb from Maresha revisited".

    2005 - Seminar on Jewish History and Literature in the Graeco-Roman Period, Wolfson College, Oxford University: "Deities, Heroes and Worshippers: Religious Themes in the Hellenistic Art from Israel".

    2009 - University State of Mississippi: Hellenistic figurines from Maresha: When East met west.
    Scholarships, Awards, Research Grants, etc.
    Ph.D. degree scholarships:

    2001-2003 - Rothenshtreich Scholarship for Ph.D. students in the Humanities.

    2004 - Rothschild fellowship for post doctorate in Oxford University.
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