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I am a musicologist, a composer and a recorder player. I graduated from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance with a B.Mus. in composition and recorder performance and an M.Mus. in composition. As an Ussher Fellow of Trinity College Dublin, I wrote my doctoral dissertation in musicology under Dr. Martin Adams on the subject of ‘Compositional Technique in Purcell’s Early Instrumental Works’. The connection between musicology and composition still fascinates me and I often find myself not only analysing music but also attempt to complete fragmentary works (some of them I had the pleasure of hearing in early music concerts). I am planned to co-edit (with Dr. Alan Howard) the music for Purcell’s King Arthur for the Purcell Society Edition (Vol. 26).

After my return from my doctoral studies in 2010, I started teaching theoretical subjects as adjacent lecturer in the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. I joined the faculty of the Department of Music in the University of Haifa in 2012. In 2016 I became a committee member of the Purcell Society. My research interests include music history 1550–1750 (especially Dowland and Purcell), source studies and early music printing, analysis, historically informed performance, and progressive rock. My recent rediscovery of the 1832 ‘Israeliten’ manuscript​ (together with my good friend and brilliant research partner David Rees) helps to shed new light on the liturgical Jewish music in 19th-century Vienna, as well as on the many editorial challenges posed by Schubert’s setting of Psalm 92.

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  • Courses
    Courses I currently teach (or recently taught) in the University of Haifa:
    Lecture - Introduction to Western Music History
    Lecture - Music History (Middle Ages and Early Renaissance)
    Lecture - Music History (Late Renaissance and Baroque)
    Lecture - Sources, Philology and Critical Editing
    Lecture (co-taught with Prof. Eran Shalev) - Blues, Folk and Rock'n'Roll (American Popular Music in the Twentieth Century)
    Seminar - The Organ Music of J.S. Bach
    Seminar - Music Performance as Research
    Seminar - The Baroque Trio Sonata
    "The Musicological Lab" - A project funded by the Humanities Fund in cooperation with Dr. Dan Feldman (Department of Computer Sciences)
  • Publications
    * Alon Schab, ‘Mendelssohn’s Approach to the Music of the Past: Clues from the Italian Journey 1830–1831’ (in Hebrew), Zmanim 133-134 (2016) 

    * Alon Schab, ‘Dowland’s Lachrimae: A Passionate Interpretation’, The Musical Times (Summer 2016), 17–35  

    * Alon Schab and David Rees, ‘A New Source for Schubert’s Hebrew Psalm 92’, Nineteenth Century Music Review 13/1 (June 2016), 71–81  

    * Alon Schab, ‘Recreating Estwick’, Early Music Performer 32 (April 2013), 13–21.

    * Alon Schab, ‘Revisiting the Known and Unknown Misprints in Purcell’s Dioclesian’, Music & Letters  91/3 (2010): 343–56.  

    * Alon Schab, ‘On the Ground and off: a comparative study of two Purcell Chaconnes’, The Musical Times (Autumn 2010): 47–57.  

    Alon Schab, ‘Distress’d Sources? A critical consideration of the authority of Purcell’s Ayres for the Theatre’, Early Music (November 2009): 633–45.
  • Participation in Conferences
    * 07/2017, Paper name: 'Marc Lavry’s creative strategies, as reflected in his autograph manuscripts', in the summer conference of the Israeli Musicological Society (University of Haifa)

    * 07/2017, paper name: 'Problems in Appropriating Seventeenth Century Repertoire into Present-Day Theory Class: Henry Purcell as a Case Study' (9th European Music Analysis Conference, University of Strasbourg, France) 
    * 02/2017, paper name: 'Fugue and Chiastic Structures in the Instrumental Music of Henry Purcell', in the annual conference of the Israeli Musicological Society (Levinsky College of Education)​
    * 09/2016, paper name: '​Consort Music Performance and Synchronization​', in the conference: Making Time in Music (Oxford, UK)
    * 07/2016, paper name 'Purcell’s Instrumental Music and the Issue of Temperament', in the 17th Biennial Conference on Baroque Music (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK)
    * 06/2016, paper name: 'Tkufut hashana (Ravikovitch/ Rosenblum/ Alberstein) – A Rare Masterpiece', in the conference: Who am I? An Israeli Song (Bar Ilan University, Israel)

    * 02/2016, paper name: 'Purcell and Early Techniques of Aggregate Completion', in the annual conference of the Israeli Musicological Society (Levinsky College of Education)

    * 10/2015, paper name: 'The Sulzerian Reform and the Recently Rediscovered ‘Israeliten’ Manuscript' (co-presented with David Rees, München), in the conference: Jewishness & the Arts: Music and Composers in 19th-Century Europe (Accademia Filarmonia Romana, Rome)

    * 07/2015, paper name: 'Extracting data from performance material: the Ephraim Marcus archive as a case study', in the conference: Recorder Teaching – a study day (The Israeli Conservatory of Music in Tel-Aviv)

    * 07/2014, paper name: 'Purcell and the Modality of the Minor Key', in the 16th Biennial Conference on Baroque Music (Mozarteum, Salzburg)

    * 06/2014, paper name: 'Reflections on the rhythmic texture of Mendelssohn’s Lieder ohne Worte Op. 85/1', in the annual conference of the Israeli Musicological Society (University of Tel Aviv, Israel)

    * 06/2014, paper name: 'The Travels of the Musician and the Travels of the Music', in the conference:“Travelers and Travels: representations, experiences, meanings” (The Israeli Historical Society and Bar-Ilan University)

    * 05/2014, paper name: '“…And time future contained in time past…” – on Elam Rotem’s Opera Joseph and His ​Brethren', in the Contemporary Composition Symposium (The University of Haifa)

    * 03/2014, paper name: 'Problems in Appropriating Seventeenth Century Repertoire into Present-Day Theory Class (Henry Purcell as a Case Study)', in the conference: “History, Theory, and Analysis: Interactions, Conflicts, Resolutions” (The Royal Conservatory of The Hague)

    * 09/2013, paper name: 'The La Notte Paradox: Dealing with multiple versions of a single piece', in the conference: Training “Early” Musicians in the Age of Recordings (The Israeli Conservatory of Music in Tel-Aviv)

    * 05/2013, paper name: 'Dowland’s Lachrimae – a Passionate Interpretation', in the conference: Celebrating John Dowland’s 450th Anniversary (Cambridge University)

    * 02/2013, paper name: '19th-century settings of ‘Lechoh Dodi’ as studies in Rondo form', in the Jewish Music Days (The University of Haifa)

    * 07/2012, paper name: 'Purcell’s Fantazia Z743 – close readings and theoretical contentions', in the 15th Biennial Conference on Baroque Music (University of Southampton, UK)

    * 06/2012, paper name: 'Johann Sebastian Bach as a symbol in Israeli songs and in works by Yoni Rechter', in the conference: Who am I? An Israeli Song (Bar Ilan University, Israel)

    * 10/2011, paper name: 'A rediscovered source for Psalm XCII (D 953)' (co-presented with David Rees, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München), in the conference: Thanatos as Muse? Schubert and Concepts of Late Style (University of Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland)

    * 07/2011, paper name: 'On Counterpoint and Perspective – the story of a vanishing point in the history of ideas', in the annual conference of the Israeli Musicological Society (The Open University, Israel)

    * 05/2011, paper name: 'Leah Goldberg’s songs of nature and their adoption by Progressive Rock composers ', in the conference: Who am I? An Israeli Song (Bar Ilan University, Israel)

    * 04/2011, paper name: 'Abstract drama and dramatic abstract in the Introduzione scene of  Mozart’s Don Giovanni', in the conference: Components and Complexities (Buchmann-Mehta School of Music, Tel-Aviv University)

    * 03/2011, paper name: 'Israeli and British “Progressive Rock” movements – a comparative study', in the conference: Art Musics in Israel (University of London, UK)

    * 07/2010, paper name: 'Fourteen Sonnata’s? Revisiting the original plan of Purcell’s Sonatas à tre', in the 14th Biennial Conference on Baroque Music (Queen’s University Belfast, UK)

    * 05/2010, paper name: 'Purcell’s early experimental forms: lists, cycles and numbers', in the conference: Music and Numbers (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK)

    * 02/2010, paper name: 'John Reading’s strange scorebook: a non-Purcellian view of a Purcell manuscript', in the conference: Music, Literature, Illustration (University of Southampton, UK)

    * 09/2009, paper name: 'Revisiting the known and unknown misprints in Dioclesian', in the conference: Purcell, Handel, Haydn, Mendelssohn (New College, Oxford, UK)
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