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​B.Sc. Mathematics and Philosophy, Hebrew University (2001-2004)
M.A. Philosophy, Hebrew University (2004-2008)
Ph.D. Philosophy, Hebrew University (2009-2013)

Academic Employment:

Postdoctoral researcher, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU Munich (2013-2015)
Postdoctoral researcher, Edelstein Center, Hebrew University (2015)
Assistant Professor, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU Munich​ (2015-2016)
Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, University of Haifa (2016--)

  • Personal Information
    ​Gil​ Sagi's main interests are in philosophy of logic, philosophy of language and philosophy of mathematics. Specifically, she's interested in the topic of logical constants, in the formality of logic, and in the relation between logic and natural language. She's also interested in questions in the foundations of mathematics. 
  • Courses

    Fall: Early Analytic Philosophy
     Advanced Logic​

    Spring: Formal Logic 
     Introduction to Philosophy of Mathematics


    Fall: Early Analytic Philosophy

    Spring: Formal Logic 
     Introduction to Philosophy of Mathematics


    Fall: Early Analytic Philosophy

    Spring: Introduction to Philosophy of Mathematics
               Advanced Logic
  • Publications

    • Logicality and Meaning, The Review of Symbolic Logic, doi:10.1017/S1755020317000247​.
    • Extensionality and Logicality, Synthese, doi:10.1007/s11229-017-1447-3.​
    • Contextualism, Relativism and the Liar, Erkenntnis, 82(4):913-9286, 2017.
    • The Modal and Epistemic Arguments Against the Invariance Criterion for Logical Terms, Journal of Philosophy, 112(3):159-167, March 2015.
    • Formality in Logic: From Logical Terms to Semantic Constraints, Logique et Analyse, 227:259-276, 2014.
    • Models and Logical Consequence, Journal of Philosophical Logic, 43:943-964, 2014.
    • Sher and Shapiro on Logical Terms, M. Peliš and V. Puncˇochárˇ (eds): The Logica Yearbook 2010, College Publications, London, 2011.

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