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​​Department of Bible
​ ​

PhD, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2005.

Fields of Interest:

Calendars, Astronomy, Astrology and other ancient Jewish Sciences in their Ancient Setting

The Book of Enoch and Apocalyptic Literature. The Myth of Fallen Angels

Dead Sea Scrolls, History of the Biblical Text, Digital Humanities

Biblical Poetry: Psalms, Job, Prophetic Literature

Biblical and ANE religionsL Iconography, Law, Mythology

I participated in the official edition of the DSS, in the series Discoveries in the Judaean Desert). Director of the research group ‘Jewish Culture in the Ancient World’ (The Humanities Fund, 2010-2013). Active in the World Union of Jewish Studies and the Society of Biblical Literature. I won several research grants. Co-editor of the Hebrew journal ‘Megillot’ and associate editor of the series Studies in the Texts from the Desert of Judah (Brill). I have recently joined projects in Digital Humanities: mainly improving tools for material reconstruction, as well as the theory of scholarly critical editions.

I teach various courses in Hebrew Bible, ANE and Second Temple Literature: Psalms, Amos, Kings, Job, Apocalyptic literature, Textual criticism, Prophecy, Prayer. I took part in an inter-disciplinary course on ‘Time’ (2014-2015).

Since 2013 I hold the George and Florence Wise Chair for Judaism in Antiquity at the University of Haifa. I am a member of the ‘Israel Young Academy’.


Reconstructing fragmentary scrolls in Cryptic Script from Qumran (hyperlink)

Scripta Qumranica Electronica – Advanced digital tools and editions of Dead Sea Scrolls (link)

The Myth of Fallen Angels: Rock reliefs and their re-interpretation in Antiquity (hyperlink)

New Editions of Scrolls: Serekh haEdah, 4QInstruction

Biblical text: Samaritan Pentateuch, Book of Habakkuk

The Day Unit in Antiquity and the Middle Ages (link)


  • Personal Information

  • Courses
    Courses Taught 2009-2013

    Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible

    Dead Sea Scrolls


    Prayers and Psalms in Second Temple Literature

    Traditions of the Flood

    1 and 2 Kings


    Nature and World Order in the Hebrew bible and ANE

    In 2014:

    TIME: An interdisciplinary honors class

    With Hillel Newman: The End of Days​

  • Publications


    ​​1. Co author of: S. Talmon, J. Ben-Dov and U. Glessmer, Calendrical Texts. Qumran Cave 4 XVI (Discoveries in the Judaean Desert XXI; Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2001)


    2. Head of All Years: Astronomy and Calendars at Qumran in their Ancient Context (Studies in the Texts from the Desert of Judah 78; Leiden: Brill, 2008). xx + 331pp

    Reviewed by: Matthew Goff, CBQ 72 (2010) 103-104 Henryk Drawnel, RQ 97 (2011) 134-136; Devorah Dimant, Shnaton 22 (2012), 351-356; Sacha Stern, JJS  63 (2012) 158-160

    3. W. Horowitz, John Steele, and Jonathan Ben-Dov (eds.), Living the Lunar Calendar (Calendars and Years III; Oxford: Oxbow Publishers). Expected 2012

    4.Jonathan Ben-Dov and Seth Sanders (eds.), Ancient Jewish Sciences and the History of Knowledge in Second Temple Judaism (ISAW Series; New York University Press)

    Articles in Refereed Journals


    1. with S. Talmon, "4Q326- A Festival Calendar from Qumran", Tarbiz 68 (1999) 167-176 (Hebrew)

    2."A Presumed Citation of Esther 3:7 in 4QDb", Dead Sea Discoveries 6 (1999) 282-284

    3. "A Textual Problem and its Form-Critical Solution: Jeremiah 10:1-16", Textus 20 (2000) 97-128

    4."The Initial Stages of Lunar Theory at Qumran", Journal of Jewish Studies 54 (2003) 125-138

    5. with W. Horowitz,"The 364-Day-Year in Mesopotamia and Qumran", Meghillot 1 (2003) 3-26 (Hebrew)

    6. "Psalm 72: The King and the Sun", review article on: M. Arneth, "Sonne der Gerechtigkeit". Studien zur Solarisierung der Jahwe-Religion im Lichte von Psalm 72 (Wiesbaden: Harrasowitz, 2000), Shnaton- Annual of Bible and ANE, 14 (2004) 303-313 (Hebrew)

    7. with W. Horowitz, "The Babylonian Lunar Three in Qumran Calendars", Zeitschrift fur Assyriologie 95 (2005) 104-120

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    9. "dwq and Lunar Phases in Qumran Calendars: New Mesopotamian Evidence", Meghillot 3 (2005) 3-28 (Hebrew)

    10. "Theological Implications of Mesopotamian Divination and Astrology", review article of: F. Rochberg, The Heavenly Writing. Divination, Horoscopy and Astronomy in Mesopotamian Culture (Cambridge: CUP, 2004), Shnaton – Annual for Bible and ANE 16 (2006) 287-300 (Hebrew)

    11. "The Poor's Curse: Exodus xxii 20-26 and Curse Literature in the Ancient World", Vetus Testamentum 56 (2006) 321-341

    12. "Jubilean Chronology and the 364-day Year", Meghillot 5-6 (2007) 49-59 (Hebrew)

    13. “A New Exegetical Method of the Psalms”, review article of: F.L. Hossfeld and E. Zenger, Psalms 51-100 (Hermeneia; Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 2005), Shnaton - Annual for Bible and ANE 17 (2007) 331-346

    14. "Writing as Oracle and as Law: New Contexts for the Book-Find of King Josiah", Journal of Biblical Literature 127 (2008) 123-139

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     17. “Hebrew and Aramaic Writing in the Pseudepigrapha and the Qumran Scrolls: The Ancient Near Eastern Background and the Quest for a Written Authority”, Tarbiz 78 (2009) 27-60 (in Hebrew)

    18 . "Religion of the Book: from the Scribal Workshop to the Heavenly Vision", review article of: K. van der Toorn, Scribal Culture and the Making of the Hebrew Bible, Harvard UP, 2007, in: Shnaton – Annual for Bible and ANE 20 (2010), 237-259

    19. “The Elohistic Psalter and Writing the Divine Name at Qumran”, Meghillot 8-9 (2010) 53-80 (Hebrew). English version: “The Elohistic Psalter and the Writing of Divine Names at Qumran”, in The Dead Sea Scrolls and Contemporary Culture. Proceedings of the International Conference held at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem July 6-8, 2008 (STDJ 93; ed. A.D. Roitman, L.H.  Schiffman and S. Tzoref; Leiden: Brill, 2011) 79-104

    20. "A Neo-Assyrian Astronomical Term in the Babylonian Talmud", Journal of the American Oriental Society 130 (2010) 267-270

    21. “Psalm 104:19, Ben-Sirah, and the History of Calendar Polemics in Ancient Israel”, Journal of Jewish Studies 62 (2011) 7-20
    Accepted for Publication

    “A Hellenistic Context for the Calendar Polemics in Jubilees 6”, Meghillot 10 (forthcoming, Hebrew)

    “Early Jewish Texts of the Torah: Revisiting the Greek Scholarly Context”, Journal of Ancient Judaism 2013. 30 pp.

    With E. Ratzon, "The Oath and the Name in 1 Enoch 69", Journal of Semitic Studies. 39 pp.

    Articles in Books

    1. "Treasures of Light", in: Z. Talshir and D. Amara (eds.), On the Border Line. Textual Meets Literary Criticism (Beer Sheva 18; Beer Sheva: Ben-Gurion UP, 2005) 155-162 Hebrew

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    4. With S. Talmon, “Mishmarot Lists (4Q322-324c) and ‘Historical Texts’ (4Q322a, 4Q331-333) from Qumran”, in: Birkat Shalom. Festschrift Shalom Paul, ed. C. Cohen, V.A. Hurowitz et al. (Winona Lake, Ind: Eisenbrauns, 2008) 927-942
    5. With S. Talmon, “Mishmarot Lists (4Q322-324c) and ‘Historical Texts’ (4Q322a, 4Q331-333) from Qumran”, in: Birkat Shalom. Festschrift Shalom Paul, ed. C. Cohen, V.A. Hurowitz et al. (Winona Lake, Ind: Eisenbrauns, 2008) 927-942
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    8. "Some Precedents for the Religion of the Book: Josiah’s Book and Ancient Revelatory Literature", in Constructs of Prophecy in the Former and Latter Prophets & Other Texts (ed. L.L. Grabbe and M. Nissinen; Ancient Near Eastern Monographs; Atlanta: SBL, 2011) 43-62. 
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    11."Lunar Calendars at Qumran: A Comparative and Ideological Study", in: Living the Lunar Calendar (ed. J. Ben-Dov, W. Horowitz, and J.M. Steele; Oxford: Oxbow Books), 172-189
    Accepted for Publication
    "Babylonian Astral Sciences in West Semitic Sources: The Case of Qumran", in: D. Brown (ed.), The Interactions of Ancient Astral Science, Bremen: Hempen Verlag. 28pp. 

    ​“Astral Science in West-Semitic Sources: An Overview”, in: D. Brown (ed.), The Interactions of Ancient Astral Science, Bremen: Hempen Verlag. 20pp.

    "Urban Ideology in Amos Chapter 3", in ‘iyyune Mikra u-Parshanut. Festschrift Rimmon Kasher, ed. M. Avioz et al. (Atlanta: SBL), 20pp.

    “The Ideals of Science in Qumran and the Apocalyptic Literature”, in J. Ben-Dov and S. Sanders (eds.), Ancient Jewish Sciences and the History of Knowledge in Second Temple Literature (forthcoming, NYU Press)

    “Time and Culture: Mesopotamian Calendars in Jewish Sources from the Bible to the Mishnah”, in: On the Rivers of Babylon (ed. U. Gabbai and S. Secunda), Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, forthcoming. 43pp.

    with Romina Vergari, "Speaking about God: Person Deixis in Malachi (Text and Versions)", in Festschrift Zippora Talshir (ed. Cana Werman; Eisenbrauns). 22pp

    "Reading Enoch in Hellenistic-Roman Egypt: 1 Enoch 82", in Time, Astronomy, and Calendars in Jewish Tradition. Ed. Sacha Stern (Leiden: Brill) 25pp. 

    Review article of A. Shemesh and C. Werman, Legallot Nistarot, in Cathedra

    1. Entries in Encyclopedias

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    Book Reviews

    Review of C. Hempel, A. Lange and H. Lichtenberger (eds.), The Wisdom Texts from Qumran and the Development of Sapiential Thought (BETL CLIX; Leuven: UP and Peeters, 2002), Catholic Biblical Quarterly 67 (2005) 374-376

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    Review of J. Bergsma, The Jubilee from Leviticus to Qumran (VTSup 115; Leiden: Brill, 2007), Dead Sea Discoveries 16 (2009) 119-121

    Review of G.J. Brooke at al (eds.), The Significance of Sinai (TBN 12; Leiden: Brill, 2008), Henoch 2010
    Review of G. Nickelsburg and J. VanderKam, 1 Enoch 2 (Hermeneia: Fortress Press 2012). Dead Sea Discoveries 201​3​
  • Participation in Conferences
    Organizer of Conferences

    With Wayne Horowitz and John Steele, "Living the Lunar Calendar". Conference at the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem, January 2010 
    With Menachem Mor, Matthew Morgenstern and Hillel Newman, Haifa Workshop for the Scrolls, April 2010–06–24
    With Seth Sanders, Ancient Jewish Sciences and the History of Knowledge, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York, May 2011
    With Menahem Kister, Annual Haifa Workshop for the Dead Sea Scrolls, 30/4 – 1/5 2012 
    With Lutz Doering, The Construction of Time in Antiquity, Durham University, Institute of Advanced Studies, March 2013 

    Select Colloquia and Invited Lectures

    - Israeli Association of Assyriology, Annual Meetings, 2004, 2008
    - Haifa Workshop for the Scrolls, Haifa University, June 2004,2008,2010
    - Israeli Historical Association, 29th Annual Meeting, Jerusalem April 2005
    - HU Institute of Advanced Studies, June 2005, International Workshop on "The Dominion of Letters: The Role of Books in Ancient Societies", June 2005.
    - Freie Universität Berlin, International Conference on the Interactions of Ancient Astral Sciences, 
    January 2006.
    - World Union of Jewish Studies, Annual Meeting 2006, Raanana; World Congresses 2001,2009
    -The International Enoch Seminar, Camaldoli Italy, 2005, 2007
    - "Qumran – Text and Context", University of Birmingham, 2007
    - "World Calendars and Time-Reckoning as Related to the Ethiopian Calendar", University of Addis Abbaba and The Ethiopic Parliament, 2008
    - Conference on The Aramaic Texts from Qumran, Aix-en-Provence, 2008
    - The Dead Sea Scrolls and Contemporary Culture. A conference celebrating 60 Years of Discovery, Israel Musem, Jerusalem, 2008
    - Department colloquium, University of Göttingen, Germany, 2009
    - “Living the Lunar Calendar: Time, Text, Tradition”. An international conference at the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem, 2010.
    - “Jews and the Science of the Stars”. An International conference at Bar Ilan University, supported by the Israel Science Foundation, February 2010. 
    -International Organization of Qumran Studies, 2004, 2010
    2010 Guest Lectures: University of Chicago, NYU, Notre Dame University
    2011 Guest Lectures: McMaster University, Yale University, University of Maryland
    2011 Hebrew University, “Encounters by the Rivers of Babylon”. An international conference at the Scholion Research center.
    2012 “Time, Astronomy and Calendars in the Jewish Tradition”. A Conference at University College London, June 2012​
  • More Info
    Academic Lectureship and Visiting Scholarships
    1996 Assistant, HU dept. of Bible
    1997 Assistant, HU Amirim Program
    2000-2001 Lecturer, David Yellin Teachers' College
    Lecturer, Teachers' Higher Education College, Tel-Aviv
    2001-2003 Teaching Assistant, HU dept. of Bible
    2002-2004 Teaching Assistant, Haifa University dept. of Bible
    2004 Teaching Assistant, HU Revivim Program in Jewish Studies
    2005 IInstructor, Haifa University dept. of Bible
    2006-2009 Visiting Scholar, PAIDEIA – The European Institute for Jewish Studies, Stockholm.
    2006-2010 Lecturer, Haifa University dept. of Bible
    2010- Present Senior Lecturer, Haifa University dept. of Bible
    2010-2011 Visiting research Scholar, ISAW at NYU
    2013 Fellow, Durham University Institute for Advanced​
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