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Eshkol Tower, #1607 

C​urrent Academic Position
Assistant Professor, American Studies
Department of English Literature & Language

Main research interests
20-21stC American Literature & Culture
Science Fiction & Gender
Post 9/11 Aesthetics
Jazz & African-American Literature

PhD University of London
MA  University of London
BA  Hebrew University at Jerusalem
  • Personal Information

    ​Higher Education

    B.A. English Literature, Hebrew University at Jerusalem

    M.A. Anglo-American Literary Relations, University College London, University of London

    Ph.D. Jazz, Adorno, and Race in African-American Literature, Goldsmiths College, University of London

  • Courses
    The African-American Novel

    This MA Seminar is designed to draw together the history of American literature, an initial familiarity with African-American literary culture, and the form of the novel, in order to pursue an intense, in-depth analysis of the African-American Novel.  We will be reading a number of full length texts, from diverse historical, political, and philosophical moments, in order to critically examine the changing mechanisms of African-American self-identification within the tradition of US literature.


    Introduction to Literary Form: Poetry

    This course is designed to introduce students to the formal elements of narrative and poetry, through close readings of exemplary texts of literature in English of all genres.  During the second semester we will focus on poetry.

    Science Fiction & the American Hero

    ​​From Natty Bumpo and Huckleberry Finn to Superman and Jack Bauer, American culture has identified itself through the figures of its heroes.  This course will focus on American Science Fiction as a genre that leans both on the canon of American culture and on ever-changing contemporary technologies.  We will examine how American writers from the middle of the twentieth century onwards have created alternate geographies, societies, histories, and humanities, to explore contemporary anxieties, politics, and cultural concerns of American society.  Central themes explored will be national ideologies and Cold War politics, the city, the suburb, gender, and language as we consider the American Body and how it is perceived, represented, or critiqued in this literature. 

    American Rhythms: Jazz Aesthetics of 20th Century

    This course will explore the link between Jazz music and 20th century American literature and culture.  Listening to musical examples in the class and reading theoretical work on the politics of aesthetics, the course will offer an introduction to jazz as a basis for literary analysis.  Examining a wide variety of poems, short stories, novels, and essays we will examine how different writers use jazz differently – as imagery, content, language, and narrative structure – in order to locate themselves in a particular historical, political, social, and aesthetic moment.

    Post 9/11 Aesthetics: American Global Fictions (Seminar)

    Focusing its attentions on Western cultural productions of the past decade, the proposed course, American Global Fictions, will seek to investigate currents of contemporary politics, culture, and popular thought, critically identifying the shifting role of America and Americanness today, particularly in light of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

    Survey of American Literature​


  • Publications


    Cross-Rhythms: Jazz Aesthetics in African-American Literature.  Continuum Press;2008

    Articles in Referreed Journals

    “A Bond of Knowledge: Reading Bond with Benjamin.” Humanities and Technology Review, Vo. 31, 2012

    “Literary Free Jazz: Mumbo Jumbo and Paradise: Language and Meaning.”  AAR: African American Review, Spring 2007

    “A Cyborg Performance: Gender and Genre in Octavia Butler.”  Phoebe: Journal of Gender and Cultural Critiques, Fall 2005

    Articles or Chapters in Scientific Books

    “Quantum of Craig: Fractal Bodies in Bond and Bourne.”  In Acting in Film – Concepts, Theories, Philosophies.  Edited by Jörg Sternagel, Deborah Levitt, and Dieter Mersch.  Bielefeld: {transcript} Metabasis, 2012

    “Bond, Benjamin, Balls: Technologised Masculinity in Casino Royale.”  In James Bond and Casino Royale: Revisioning 007.  Edited by Christoph Lindner.  London: Wallflower Press, 2010

    “Baldwin’s Bop n’Morrison’s Mood: Bebop and Race in James Baldwin’s Another Country and Toni Morrison’s Jazz.” In James Baldwin and Toni Morrison: Comparative Critical and Theoretical Essays.  Edited by Lovalerie King and Lynn Orilla Scott.  Palgrave Macmillan, 2006

  • Participation in Conferences
    (2013)    The Flaming Apple: Aesthetics Post 9/11, Haifa, IL.  “Alternate Histories: Transnational, Transtime, Posttrauma.”
    (2013)    SFRA Annual Conference, Riverside, CA,USA.  “The Music of Our Future, Now: Amon Tobin and Björk
    (2012)    SW/TX Popular Culture and American Culture Associations Conference.  Albuquerque, NM.  “Network-America: Homes and Borders in Post 9/11 Alternate Histories.”
    (2012)    Tocqueville Seminar: Transatlantic American Studies Colloquium.  University of Richmond. 
    (2011)    SFRA Annual Conference, Lublin, Poland.  Farfal’n heym: Constructing an Alternate Home in Semel’s IsraIsland and Chabon’s Yiddish Policemen’s Union.”
    (2010)    American Studies Symposium. SSASAA: Salzburg Global Seminar American Studies Alumni Association. To Honor Emory Elliot: American Literary History in a New Key. 
    (2010)    SFRA Annual Conference.  Science Fiction Research Association, Carefree, AZ.  “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: Bodies and Cyborgs on a New Frontier.” 
    (2010)    Western Canons in the Digital Era.  Porter Institute for Poetics and Semiotics, Tel-Aviv University.  “Homosapiens-Cyborg.” 
    (2010)    Sapir Forum for Cultural Research.  Sapir College.  “Man in the Age of Digital Reproduction.” 
    (2009)    Mediating Jazz.  Popular Music Research Centre, University of Salford.  “Jazz Stories: Composing Identities.”
    (2009)    American Studies Symposium.  Salzburg Global Seminar.  “Globalization and American Popular Culture.” 
    (2009)    Du Bois Symposium.  Tel-Aviv University.  “Echo of a Haunting Melody: Music From Beyond the Veil.” 
    (2009)    The Cultures of James Bond.  Universität Des Saarlandes.  “Technologised Masculinities.”
    (2008)    ICON: Academic Conference.  Tel-Aviv University & TA Cinemateque.  “Rechargeable Bodies.”
    (2008)    Popular Culture: Rules of Disorder.  Beit-Berl College & TA Cinemateque.  “I, Cyborg: Blurring the Body’s Boundaries in Popular Culture.”
    (2007)    Fantasy in Purple: African-American Literature & the Arts.  Tel-Aviv University.  “Baldwin’s Bop.” 
    (2007)    Transnational American Studies Clinton Institute.  University College Dublin.  “Hanging on a High C: Jazz Identities in Philip Roth’s The Human Stain and Jackie Kay’s Trumpet.” 
    (2007)    James Baldwin: Life, Work, and Legacies.  University of London.  “Disorder at the Border: Bebop, Baldwin, and Blackness.” 
    (2006)    Black Music in America and Israel.  Institute of American Studies,University of Haifa.  “Blackness Syncopated.”
    (2005)    American Music Conference.  Institute of American Studies, University of Haifa.  “A Jazz America.”
    (2005)    Jews, Empire and Race. University of Southampton.  “Composing Identities: Passing and Jazz in Philip Roth’s The Human Stain and Jackie Kay’s Trumpet.”
    (2004)    Criss-Cross Conference.  University of Nottingham.  “Free Soul Jazz: Toni Morrison’s Love in Paradise.”
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    Flaming Apple: Aesthetics Post 9/11  [​]