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Current Academic Positions
Editor - "HaIvrit VeAhyoteha" 
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     Research Areas & Other Interests
    Silence - its forms and meanings;
    Linguistic models in non-linguistic disciplines: psychoanalysis, trade-marks;
    Iconicity in morphology and semantics;
    Proper names
    1984 - Ph.D Hebrew Univeristy of Jerusalem (Computational Linguistics)
    1979 - B.A Hebrew Language, Education 
  • Courses
  • Publications
    Selected Publications
    Silences - Silence in Culture and in Interpersonal Relatiuons, Editor + introduction, Tel-Aviv: Resling (2007) Publishing
    The pig’s grunt: Grice’s cooperation principle and psychoanalytic transference discourse”, Semiotica, (2004), Vol. 149: 1/4, pp. 161-198
    “Word marks: economic, legal and linguistic entities”, International Journal for the Semiotics of Law, (1996), Vol. 9 (27), pp. 259-288.
    The psycholinguistic status of the root in Modern Hebrew”, Folia Linguistica,. (1997), XXXI/1-2, pp. 77-103
    Piaget’s nominal realism from a linguistic point of view”, Language Learning, Vol. 41.4 (1991), pp. 555-598.



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