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  • Mrs Michal Daliot - Bul

    Mrs Michal Daliot - Bul

    Dept. of Asian Studies Chair
    Department of Asian Studies
Michal Daliot-Bul is the head of the Asian Studies Department at The University of Haifa. As a Japanologist she uses the theoretical frameworks and questions suggested within the tradition of Cultural Studies to examine her research interests which include late consumer culture, new forms of media, youth popular culture, as well as complex and disjunctive economic, cultural and political intra- and intercultural flows that create new cultural forms and imageries. She is the author of License to Play: The Ludic in Japanese Culture (Hawai'i University Press, 2014). She has published numerous articles in leading journals including, Media, Culture and Society, Cultural Studies, International Journal of Cultural Studies and Social Science Japan Journal. She has also translated a number of novels and short stories from Japanese to Hebrew.​

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