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  • Personal Information
    Lecturer in University of Haifa and Oranim College of Education - 1992
    Senior Lecturer, Middle East History Department, University of Haifa and Oranim College of Education - 1998.
    Fields of interest:

    1) Political and Social History of the Modern Middle East.
    2) The history of Iraq and Syria
    3) The Palestine Conflict and the Israeli-Arab Relations
    4) The Inter-Arab Relations and the Middle Eastern international arena..
    5) The Kurdish history.
    6) The history of Israel
    7) The Soviet and Russian policy in the Middle East
    8) Philosophy of time and being
    B.A. with distinctions in Middle Eastern History and minors in Philosophy, International Relations and Sociology.
    Political and social activist 1972-1981

    M.A. studies in Tel Aviv University 1980-1983

    M.A. with distinctions -1984

    Ph.D.- University of Tel Aviv – 1990. (Thesis "The Iraqi-Syrian Relations 1945-1958")
  • Courses
  • Publications
    a. Books
    The Palestine Conflict in the History of Modern Iraq. London: Frank Cass, 1994.
    • The Palestine Conflict in the History of Modern Iraq. London: Frank Cass, 1994.

    • Iraq from Monarchy to Tyranny, From the Hashimites to the R ise of Saddam.
      Gainesville, Florida, University Press of Florida, 2004 .

    • Iraq: Monarchy, Revolution, Tyranny. Raanana, The Open University, 2005.
    b. Articles in Academic Refefreed Journaks
    1) "The Hikmat Sulayman-Bakir Sidqi Government in Iraq, 1936-1937, and the Palestine Question", Middle Eastern Studies,
    Vol. 24, (1988), pp. 25-41.
    2) "The Iraqi Domestic Scene and its Bearing on the Palestine Issue 1947", Asian and African Studies, Vol. 24, (1990),
    pp. 51-73.
    3) "Iraqi Politics and Regional Policies, 1945-1949", Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. 28, (1992), pp. 108-119
    4) "Syria and Iraqi-Syrian Relations During the 1948 War in Palestine", Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. 32, (1996),
    pp. 74-91.
    5) "The Socio-Political Historical Perspective on the Regional Dimension of the Growth of The Arab states Involvement
    in the Palestinian Conflict 1936", Iyunim Be-Tkumat Israel, Vol. 7 (1997), pp. 39-74. [Hebrew].
    6) "The Elite, The Effendiyya, and the Growth of Nationalism and Pan-Arabism in Hashemite Iraq 1921-1958", International
    Journal of Middle Eastern Studies
    , Vol. 30 (1998), pp. 227-250.
    7) "The Fadhil Al-Jamali Government in Iraq, 1953-1954", Journal of Contemporary History, Vol. 24 (1999), pp. 417-442.

    8) "The Ruling Elite and the Effendiyya in Hashimitte Iraq: Politicians and Regime as Captives of Social Contradictions",
    Hamizrah HeHadash, Vol. 41 (2000), pp. 117-131. [Hebrew].

    c. Articles in Chapters in Books
    9) "Syria: Iraq's Radical Nemesis", in: Baram, A. and Rubin, B. (Eds.), Iraq's Road to War. New York: St. Martin's
    Press, 1993, pp. 177-189.
    10) "Nuri al Said and 'Abd al-Ilah's Ambitions in Syria", in Susser, A. and Shmulewitz, A. (Eds.), The Hashemites
    in the Middle East
    . London: Frank Cass, 1995, pp. 152-163.
    11) "The Collapse of the Status of Britain and the Ruling Elite in Iraq, 1941-1958" in Cohen, M.J. and Kolinski,
    M. (Eds.), The Demise of the British Empire: Britain's Responses to Nationalist Movements in the Middle East
    . New York and London: Macmillan, 1998, pp. 185-197.
    12) (Co-author with Prof. Amatzia Baram) "A Review of Current Research on Iraq" in Reich, B. and Deeb,
    M. (Eds.), M. (Eds.), Handbook of Political Science Research on the Middle East. Connecticut and London:
    Greenwood Press, 1998, pp. 92-118.
    13) "Syrian-Iraqi Relations: Iraq as a Factor in Syrian Foreign Policy and Regional Status" in Ma'oz, M. and
    Winckler, O. (Eds.), Modern Syria: From Ottoman Rule to Pivotal Role in the Middle East. London:
    Tauris, 1999, pp. 210-227.
    14) "The Inter-Arab Relations Between the Two World Wars" in Erlich, H. (Ed.), The Middle East Between the
    Two World Wars. Tel-Aviv: Open University, 2003. [Hebrew].
    d. Forthcoming Articles
    • “The Kurds in Iraq since Saddam “ in volume edited by Amnon Cohen.
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