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Acemic interests
Syntax of English and Hebrew,
Information structure,
History and theory of syntactic modeling,
Contrastive analysis of English and Hebrew,
Language and ideology.
I recently submitted my new book entitled Sentence Patterns in English and Hebrew.
The study is conducted from a cognitive linguistics perspective using construction grammar.
I am waiting for the readers' reports
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    Hebrew and Zionism
    A Discourse Analytic Cultural Study

    Language, Power and Social Process 5, Mouton de Gruyter
    This book observes and critiques controversies on the genesis and the character of Israeli Hebrew. Was its emergence a process of language revival? What conceptual framework should be used to assess Ben-Yehuda’s role in it? Is the language genesis completed, and is Hebrew now a normal language? How can language normalcy be defined? How is the nation speaking this language discursively constructed?
    Revivalism, the hegemonic linguistic ideology in Israel, views contemporary Hebrew as a revived form of Classical Hebrew, and claims that this singular condition defies ordinary sociolinguistic analysis. General schools of linguistics – philology, structuralism, generativism – are shown to have been applied to Hebrew in accord with various national discourses. Points of convergence and tension between linguistic, sociological, historiographic and political discourses are presented. Various Zionist positions are extensively reviewed. The scope of nationalist options is examined through Canaanism, a small challenger to Zionism, which reconceptualized the linguistic and national processes, but remained revivalist and nationalist.
    The subject position of the Hebrew speaker has shifted from the non-native, proud speaker of a revived tongue to the native, insecure speaker, discursively constructed by pseudo-biblical normativism, and vulnerable to authoritative ideological guidance. The effects of revivalism on language education in Israel are discussed, and argument is made in favor of a non-revivalist linguistic research program and education policy.
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    Some published articles

    Kuzar, Ron. 1997. "Scientificity in Linguistic Practice: Structuralism".
    Semiotica 113: 223-256.

    Kuzar, Ron. 1997. "Split Word, Split Subject, Split Society".
    Pragmatics 7(1): 21-54.

    Kuzar, Ron. 2000. "Ashrei hama'amin and Similar Constructions in the Various Phases of Hebrew" [in Hebrew].
    Hebrew Linguistics 46: 55-67.

    Kuzar, Ron. 2001. "Sorry, Prof. Sokal, But You have Missed the Poststructuralist Train".
    RASK, International Journal of Language & Communication 14: 3-32.

    Kuzar, Ron. 2002. "Translating the Internationale: Unity and Dissent in the Encoding of Proletarian Solidarity".
    Journal of Pragmatics 34: 87-109.

    Kidron, Yael & Kuzar, Ron. 2002. "My face Is Paling against My Will: Emotion and Control in English and Hebrew".
    Pragmatics and Cognition 10: 129-157.
    Special issue: The Body in Description of Emotions.
    Issue editors: N.J. Enfield and Anna Wierszbicka.
    Abstract | Full text

    Kuzar, Ron. 2002. "The Simple Impersonal Construction in Texts Represented as Colloquial Hebrew" [in Hebrew].
    Te'uda 18: 329-352. Volume editor: Shlomo Izre'el.

    Kuzar, Ron. 2006. "The Existential Construction as a Contributor to the Existential Meaning" [in Hebrew].
    Mekhkarim belashon [Language Studies] 10: 101-112

    Kuzar, Ron. 2006. "The Consecutive Modal Verb Construction in Israeli Hebrew" [in Hebrew].
    Leshonenu [Our Language] 68: 141-160

    Netz, Hadar & Kuzar, Ron. 2006. "Three Marked Theme Constructions in Spoken English".
    Journal of Pragmatics 39(2): 305-335
    Abstract | Full text

    Kuzar, Ron. 2006. "Sentence Patterns of Israeli Hebrew according to Rosén" [in Hebrew]. Ha’ivrit Ve’akhyoteha [Hebrew and its Sisters] 6-7: 269-294.
    Abstract | Full text

    Kuzar, Ron. 2008. "The Term Return in the Palestinian Discourse on the Right of Return" ".
    Discourse & Society 19(5): 629-644

    Kuzar, Ron. 2008. "Palestine, Michigan: A Return Address".
    Israel Studies in Language and Society 1(1): 117-134

    Kuzar, Ron. 2008. "A Jewish and Democratic State: The Zionist Basis for Territorial Concessions". Journal of Language and Politics 8(1): 97–111.
    Journal of Language and Politics
    Read abstract

    Kuzar, Ron & Netz, Hadar. 2009. "Empirical Support for the Principle of the Separation of Reference and Role". Journal of Pragmatics. In press. Available online. doi:10.1016/j.pragma.2009.08.003
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    Forthcoming articles
    Kuzar, Ron. 2010. "The Subversive Agent: An Anatomy of Personal Ideological Change".
    Read abstract
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