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    since 1995: Professor of Archaeology, University of Haifa, Dept. of Archaeology. Since Oct. 2002 Head of Department

    Excavations in Jerusalem:
    1995- 2004 in the City of David, Jerusalem

    Former excavations and activities:
    1989-1992 at the Mamilla compound (off Jaffa Gate), Jerusalem
    1994-1996 at the Robinson’s Arch near the Temple Mount
    Excavations at the Dung Gate, Jerusalem.
    Excav. at Eastern Hulda Gate, Southern wall of Temple Mount.

    1978-2002 at the Israel Antiquities Authority, as:
    Director of Documentation (Archive, Library, Computer Database)
    District archaeologist (Central District)
    Field archaeologist

    1969 - 1978 Excavations at the Jewish Quarter Excavations, Jerusalem
    Assistent to Prof. N.Avigad

    2000 Awarded the Jerusalem Prize for Archaeology

    Author of numerous articles on: Miqwa'ot (Jewish ritual baths); Ancient Jerusalem; neo-Assyrian architecture in the Land of Israel; Various aspects of daily life in the Second Tempole period.

    Main hobby: translation into Hebrew of poetry, prose and treatises on Architecture.

     Current Public Positions
    Editor of the Catalogue of the Reuben and Edith Hecht Museum, University of Haifa. 

    Research Areas & Other Interests
    Archaeology of Jerusalem Daily life in the Second Temple (= Early Roman) period Ancient waterworks, miqwaot (= Jewish ritual baths) Weights and weighting systems Hebrew inscrip
    Ph.D. Archaeology The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1990


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