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Room 1819
University of Haifa,
Department of Hebrew Language,
199 Aba-Hushi Avenue,
Mount Carmel, Haifa 3498838,

Statue of Goddess of Justice, Madurai
Bench, India (
Indian Institute of Technology,
the Hauz Khaz campus
Senior Lecturer

Pragmatics; Discourse Analysis; Lexical Pragmatics; Referential Semantics; Argumentation; Inferential Pragmatics and Legal Discourse, including: Relevance Theory and in particular its comprehension procedure as a tool of interpretation usable in studies of human verbal communication, Legal Interpretation, Israeli Criminal Legal Discourse and Legal Hebrew.


The main theoretical subject of my research is Sperber and Wilson’s theory of computational linguistics (“relevance theory”): I have derived from the principles of relevance theory an interpretive heuristic (called “the tool of interpretation”) that enables, given any text used for communication, identification of the interpretation that reconstructs the meaning intended by the text’s producer. I am applying this tool of interpretation to corpora of face to face conversations (Spoken Hebrew) and legal texts coming from varied historical and social contexts starting with discussions of the court of Jewish law in 18’th century Morocco (religious-legal discourse in rabbinic Hebrew) and ending with today’s court discussions in Israel (legal discourse in modern Hebrew).