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  • Personal Information
              Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 1995-1997, School of History, Faculty of Humanities, Tel-Aviv University

    Ph.D 1995, Classics and Comparative Literature, Yale University.

    B.A. 1988 , Classics (Latin and Greek), Tel-Aviv University 

    Areas of Specialization

    Greek and Latin Literature, Medieval Latin Literature, History of Literary Criticism, Mythology, Gender 

    Current Research


    The Emergence of the Psychological Self, Dreams in Antiquity, Gender and Textuality. 
    The Ancient Novel, Latin Love Elegy

  • Courses
  • Publications
    Note: For joint publications the authors contributed equally.
       V= Vatat List
    A.   Ph.D. Dissertation
    Title: The Erotodidactic Discourse of Ovid and Andreas Capellanus
    Date of submission: 1995
    Number of Pages: 300
    Language: English
    Name of Supervisor: Professors Geoffrey Hartman, Ingeborg Glier, Gordon Williams
    University: Yale University
    Publications: (item no. from the following list, for example: B2, D12 etc).
    B.       Scientific Books (Refereed)
    Authored Books – Published
    1.      Lev Kenaan, V. Pandora's Senses: The Feminine Character of the Ancient Text (253 pages).Wisconsin University Press, Wisconsin Studies in Classics Series. 2008. Soft Cover Edition 2010. (253 pages)
    Reviews: Jimena Palacios, Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2008.10.23; Lillian E. Doherty in Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature, Vol 27.2, 2008. Margaret Toscano, The Classical Review Vol 59, 2009: 6-7; Véronique M. Fóti in The Agonist: A Nietzsche Circle Journal: Vol. 2.2, 2009;
    Edited Books and Special Journal Issues – Published
    1.      Lev Kenaan, V. & Grover Friedlander, M. (eds.) The Voice and the Gaze: Studies in Literature, Cinema and Opera. Edited, Michal, Resling Press, Tel-Aviv, 2002. (197 pages, Hebrew)
    Review: Ronnie Perchik, “To Speak and See Differently: The Voice and The Gaze, Haaretz  Literary Supplement, 9.6.2003. 
    Edited Books and Special Journal Issues - Accepted for Publication
    2. Lev Kenaan, V., Sobolev, D., Zoran, G. & Gordinsky, N. (eds.) Paul Celan: Poetry, Philosophy and Translation, Dappim Research in Literature, Special Journal Issue, University of Haifa, Vol. 20, forthcoming (200 pages) 2016.
    3. Lev Kenaan, V. & Sobolev, D. Children Literature and Childhood Memories, Dappim Research in Literature, Vol. 21, Special Journal Issue, University of Haifa, Vol. 20, forthcoming (200 pages, Hebrew) 2016.
    C.       Monographs
    D.      Articles in Refereed Journals
    1.  Lev Kenaan, V. "On Feminine Textuality in Antiquity," Motar: Journal of the Faculty  of the Arts 6, Tel-Aviv University, 1998, pp.95-100.  (Hebrew)
    2. Lev Kenaan, V. "The Literal as a Feminine Sense: Re-reading Apuleius' Tale of Cupid and Psyche," Latomus: Revue D'etudes Latines, ed. C. Deroux,  2000, pp. 370-391.
    3. Lev Kenaan, V. "Dreams and Dream-Narrative in Apuleius' Festival of Laughter", Motar: Journal of the Faculty of the Arts, 8, Tel Aviv University, 2000, pp. 99-108. (Hebrew)
         4. Lev Kenaan, V. “Dream and Delusion in Apuleius' Metamorphoses,Classical   Antiquity, University of California Press, Vol. 23.2, Oct 2004, pp. 247-284.
    5. Lev Kenaan, V. "The Contribution of Ars and Remedia to the Development of Autobiographical Fiction," Classica et Mediaevalia, vol. 56, December 2005, pp. 167-184.
    6. Lev Kenaan, V. "Readers and Writers in the Ancient Novel," Ancient Narrative Vol.  9, 2010, pp. 121-129.
     7. Lev Kenaan, V. "A History of the Feminine Voice: From Sappho to Heloise,” Dappim: Research in Literature, Vol. 19, 2014, pp. 187-218. (Hebrew)
    Accepted for Publication
    8. Lev Kenaan, V.  "Artemidorus at the Dream Gates: Myth, Theory and the Restoration of Liminality." American Journal of Philology (AJP), Accepted for publication, (40 pages) forthcoming 2016.  
    E.       Refereed Articles in Scientific Books
     1.  Lev Kenaan, V. “Truth and Appearance in Roman Comedy,” Essays in Honor of Gordon Williams: Twenty Five Years at Yale, ed. C.Weiss and E.Tylawsky, New Haven, 2001, pp. 147-168.
                2.  Lev Kenaan, V.  “The Voice and the Gaze: An Introduction,” (co-authored with Michal Grover Friedlander, equal contribution), in The Voice and the Gaze: Studies in Literature, Cinema and Opera. Edited, with Michal Grover Friedlander, Resling Press, Tel-Aviv, 2002, pp. 9-17 (Hebrew)
     3. Lev Kenaan, V. “The Development of the Feminine Voice: From the Hymn of Demeter to Antonia’s  Line,” in The Voice and the Gaze: Studies in Literature, Cinema and Opera. Edited, with Michal Grover Friedlander, Resling Press, Tel-Aviv, 2002, pp. 19-41. (Hebrew)
    4. Lev Kenaan, V. “Images of Silence in Ovid’s Metamorphoses,” in The Language of Silence, ed. Siegfried Jakel & Asko Timonen, University of Turku, 2002, pp. 182-196.
    5.  Lev Kenaan, V. "Plato and His Predecessors" in Landmarks in Western Literary Criticism, Open University,  2005, pp. 11-90. (Hebrew)
    6.  Lev Kenaan, V. "The Enigma of Woman: The Mythological Tie between Desire and Knowledge" in Desire, ed. S. Biderman and R. Lazar, Hakkibutz Hameuchad Publishing House, Kav Adom Series, 2007, pp. 79-99. (Hebrew)
    7. Lev Kenaan, V. "Platonic Strategies in Ovid's Tales of Love" in Elegy and Narrativity, ed. P. Salzman and G. Lively, Ohio State University Press, 2008, pp.142-162.
             8.  Lev Kenaan, V. "The Seductions of Hesiod: The Place of Pandora in Plato's Symposium," in Plato and Hesiod, eds. J.Haubold & G.R. Boys-Stones, Oxford University Press, 2010, pp.157-175.                                 
                9. Lev Kenaan, V. "Aphrodite the Goddess of Appearances" in Aphrodite Revealed, eds. A. Smith & S. Pickup, Brill, 2011, pp. 29-50.  
               10. Lev Kenaan, V. "The Ancient Road to the Unconscious: On Dream Narratives and Repressed Desires in Ancient Fiction," in Sub Imagine Somni, eds. Ch. Walde & E. Scioli, Edizioni ETS, Firenze, 2010, pp.165-184. 
               11.  Lev Kenaan, V. Thauma Idesthai: The Mythical Origins of the Philosophical Wonder,” in Philosophy’s Moods: The Affective Grounds of Thinking, Eds. I. Ferber and H.Kenaan, Springer, Contributions to Phenomenology Series, June 2011, pp. 13-26.
    12.  Lev Kenaan, V. "The Gates of Dreams: Duality and Ambiguity in Ancient Dream Literature," in Fleeting Dreams and Possessive Dybbuks: On Dreams and Possession in Jewish and Other Cultures, eds. R. Elior, Y. Bilu, A. Shinan, Y. Zakovitch, Scholion – Interdisciplinary Research Center in Jewish Studies, The Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies, The Hebrew University Magnes, Jerusalem, 2013, pp. 33-61.   
        13. Lev Kenaan, V. "Who Cares Whether Pandora had a Large pithos or Small pyxis?" Jane Harrison and the Emergence of a Dynamic Conception of the Unconscious,” in Classical Myth and Psychanalysis: Ancient and Modern Stories of the Self, eds. E. O’Gorman & V. Zajko, Oxford University Press, 2013, pp. 97-113.
    Accepted for Publication
    14.  Lev Kenaan, V. “Spectacles of a Dormant Soul: A Reading of Plato’s
       Gyges and Apuleius’ Lucius,” in Mapping the World in the Ancient World, eds. M. Futre Pinheiro, D. Konstan and B. MacQueen, De Gruyter, 29 pages, Forthcoming, 2015.
       F.       Articles in Conference Proceedings
                1. Lev Kenaan, V.  "A. B. Yehoshua: On the Ethical Demand of Literature" in Intersecting Perspectives: Essays on A. B. Yehoshua’s Oeuvre  eds. Banbaji, A., Ben-Dov, N. & Shamir, Z., Hakkibutz Hameuchad, 2010, pp. 541-549.
      G.      Other Scientific Publications
       Scientific Reviews
      1.  Lev Kenaan, V. "For my Children:” Review of Michal Aviad's   Documentary film in Studio: Israeli Art Magazine 2003, pp. 26-30.
       2.  Lev Kenaan, V. Review of Time in Ancient Greek Literature: Studies in Ancient Greek Narrative, Vol 2, ed. I.J.F. De Jong & R. Nünlist, in Ancient Narrative Vol. 8, April, 2009, pp. 137-142.
          "Int2" (classical studies) by the European Reference Index for the Humanities.
     Accepted for Publication
    Translation and Commentary
      1.  Lev Kenaan, V. Apuleius, The Golden Ass, translation from Latin into Hebrew, including introductory essay and commentary, Keter Publishing House, forthcoming 2016.         
     H.      Other Works and Publications
      1. Lev Kenaan, V. "That is the Meaning: Review of D. Gilula's Socrates too is in the Clouds: Theatre and Drama in Greece and Rome", in H'Aretz Books (literary supplement), 1997.
      2. Lev Kenaan, V. "La Calandria: Forbidden Passions, Unconscious desires and Gender Ideology," in "The Comedy of Calandro" Michael Gurevitch, director, The Khan Production of Bernardo Dovizi da Bibbiena, La Calandria, The program of The Khan Theater, Jerusalem, 2013, pp. 8-11.
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