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    Research Areas
            16th century sculpture in Italy
            Art and culture in 16th century Naples
            Renaissance sepulchral art
            Art patronage in Italy, 15th-17th centuries
            Italian architecture in the 15th -16th centuries.
    1992 Ph.D. in Art History, Tel-Aviv University.
    1982-1983 Tel-Aviv University, studies for M.A. in Art History
    1982 B.A. in Art History, Tel-Aviv University.
    1972-1973 Tel Aviv University, studies for M.A. in Economics.
    1972 B.A. in Economics, Tel-Aviv University
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  • Publications
    Articles in Refereed Journals
    2006 -"Politics and commemoration in Renaissance Naples: the case of Caterina Pignatelli", Zeitschrift f?r Kunstgeschichte, 69, pp. 145-168
    2005 -"Renovatio and translatio in Renaissance Naples: an addendum to the story of the Rota Chapels", Source, 25. No. 1, pp. 33-42
    2004 -"Manifest humbleness : self-commemoration in the time of the Catholic Reform", The sixteenth century journal, 35, pp. 329-356
    2002 -" Architecture in sixteenth-century Campania : the Carafa chapel in Montecalvo Irpino", Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, 61, p. 296-309
    2002 -" Form and content in some Roman reclining effigies from the early sixteenth century", Gazette des beaux-arts, 139, pp. 315-330
    2002 -" Michelangelo's projects for the Medicean tombs : rereading of the story of the Medici Chapel", Artibus et historiae, 23, pp. 83-96
    The church and the piazza : reflections on the south side of the church of S. Domenico Maggiore in Naples", Architectural history, 45, pp. 92-112
    2002 -" The two monuments of Bishop Bartolomeo Averoldi", Zeitschrift f?r Kunstgeschichte, 65, pp. 105-116
    2002 -" Una scultura inedita di Giovanni da Nola", Napoli nobilissima, 5.Ser. 3, No. 5/6, pp. 161-170
    2001 -" Tommao Malvito and Neapolitan tomb design of the early Cinquecento", Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes, 63.2000 (2001), pp. 111-130
    2000 -"A rediscovered Antonine marble horseman", Antike Kunst, 43, pp. 102-9
    2000 -" Renaissance commemoration in Naples: the Rota chapel in San Pietro a Maiella", Renaissance studies, 14, pp. 190-209
    1995 -" The tomb of Caterina della Ratta and the iconography of the reclining reader in Renaissance sepulchral art", Source, 14. No. 2, pp. 11-18
    1993 -"Giovanni Zacchi and the tomb of bishop Zanetti in Bologna", Source, 12. No. 4, pp.
    Other Publications
    2005 - review of The church of Santa Maria Donna Regina: art, iconography and patronage in fourteenth-century Naples, Janis Elliott and Cordelia Warr, eds., Renaissance quarterly, 58. No. 4, p. 1312-1314
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