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  • Dr. Arik Cheshin

    Dr. Arik Cheshin

    CV File,

I discovered my love for research during my undergraduate studies of psychology at the University of Michigan. Since then I completed my MA and PhD at the Technion with a degree in Organizational Psychology and the realization that I wanted to pursue a career as a social scientist in the Israeli academia. I had a wonderful postdoc at the University of Amsterdam and now am excited about this position at the University of Haifa.

Research Interests:

Interpersonal aspects of Emotions, Emotions in Service, Virtual Teams, Computer Mediated Communication, Emotions in Sports, Social Influence, Leadership, Group Processes

Additional websites:

Selected Publications:

Cheshin*, A., Amit*, A., & van Kleef, G. (2018). The interpersonal effects of emotion intensity in customer service: Perceived appropriateness and authenticity of attendants' emotional displays shape customer trust and satisfaction.  Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes , 144, 97-111.

Glikson*, E., Cheshin*, A., & van Kleef, G. (accepted). The dark side of a smiley: Effects of smiling emoticons on virtual first impressions.  Social Psychological and Personality Science

Cheshin, A., Heerdink, M. W., Kossakowski, J., Van Kleef, G. (2016). Pitching emotions: The interpersonal effects of emotions in baseball. Frontiers in Psychology – Emotion Science, 7, 1-13. DOI - 10.3389/fpsyg.2016.00178.

Cheshin, A., Bos, N., Kim, Y., Ning, N., & Olson, J. (2013). Emergence of differing electronic communication norms within partially distributed teams.Journal of Personnel Psychology, 12(1), 7-21.

Cheshin, A., Rafaeli, A., & Bos, D. N. (2011). Anger and happiness in virtual teams: Emotional influences of text and behavior on others' affect in the absence of non-verbal cues. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 116(1), 2-16.

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