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  • Dr. Einat Kodesh

    Dr. Einat Kodesh

    Department of Physical Therapy
    CV File,
​Fax: 972-4-8288140
Room 914
 Research Areas:
·        Exercise physiology
·        Exercise and cognition
·        Sport injuries assessment prevention and prediction
·        Balance and strength performance
B.ed . 1984-1988: Specialization in Cardiac Rehabilitation. Zinman College for Physical Education & Sport Wingate Institute,
B.PT. 1994-1998: Tel Aviv University, Department of Physiotherapy.
M.Sc. 1992-1994: Tel-Aviv University, Department of Physiology.
Ph.D. - 2003-2007. The Hebrew University, Department of Physiology, Faculty of  Medicine, Jerusalem. Supervised by Prof. M. Horowitz.
Ph.D. Dissertation: “Combined heat acclimation and exercise training: Molecular and physiological adaptation in cardiac and soleus muscles”.
Post doctoral training at University of California, Irvine; Laboratory of Prof's Copper DM and Adam G). Establishing an animal model for exercise induced asthma.
Academic Ranks
Name of Institution and Department
Assistant A
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Physiology department
2003 - 2004
Assistant B
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Physiology department
2005 - 2006
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Physiology department.
University of Haifa , Physical-Therapy department
2009 - present
Senior Lecturer
University of Haifa , Physical-Therapy department
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