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Professor Miri Cohen is the head of the School of Social Work, Faculty of Welfare and Health Sciences. Received BA in Social Work from Hebrew University in 1973 and MA in Social Work from the University of Haifa in 1986.  Received her PhD in 2000 from the Faculty of Medicine, the Technion, Israel in the area of psycho-neuro-immunology and received Full Professor degree in 2013. Between the years 2006-2012  she served as the head of the Gerontology Department.

She is the president of Israel Psycho-Oncology Society,  an Associate Editor of Quality of Life Research.  Main areas of research are psycho-oncology,  stress and coping (with a special focus on old age),  multicultural aspects of psycho-social and health care and screening for risk of elder abuse.

Published over 90 articles and chapters in scientific books. Many of her papers have been published in leading journals such as Cancer, Breast Cancer Research and Therapy, International Journal of cancer, Psycho-Oncology, Journal of the Geriatric American Association, Gerontologist.

Selected recent publications:

Cohen, M. (2013). Multicultural aspects of care for cancer patients in Israel. In: A. Surbone, M. Zwitter , M. Rajer & R. Stiefel (Eds.). New Challenges in Communication with Cancer Patients. (317-332). Springer; New York.

Cohen, M. Granger, S., & Fuller-Thomson, E., (2013). The association between bereavement and biomarkers for inflammation. Behavioral Medicine (Epub ahead of print).

Cohen M. (2013). An integrated view of cultural perceptions of cancer among Arab people in Israel. Health Psychology Review, 10.1080/17437199.2013.816205  

Cohen, M., Okin, S., & Benny, A. (2014). The meditational role of resilience linking age to emotional distress in individuals with colorectal cancer. Journal of Geriatric Oncology, 5, 33-39.

Ben Zur, H., Cohen, M., Gouzman, J. (In press). Posttraumatic growth moderates the effects of posttraumatic stress symptoms on djustment and positive affective reactions in digestive-system cancer atients. Psychology, health and medicine.

Cohen, M., & Khaliala, R. (2014). Saliva pH as a biomarker of exam stress and a predictor of exam performance. Journal of Psychosomatic Research77, 420-425.  ​