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  • Dr. Michal Koreh

    Dr. Michal Koreh

    School of Social Work
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Dr. Michal Koreh is an assistant professor at the school of social work, Faculty of Socail Welfare and Health Sciences, University of Haifa. Dr. Koreh completed her PhD at the Hebrew University and her post-doc at New York University.
As a political economist of the welfare state, her research relates to the broad questions of welfare state development as well as the current processes of welfare state restructuring.  Koreh's articles have been accepted for publication in leading journals such as the Socio-Economic Review, Journal of European Social Policy, Social Policy and Administration and Health policy.
Dr Koreh’s main research interests fall within the following areas:
  • Social policy and welfare state research
  • Institutional change and Policy change
  • The Fiscal-Social nexus: Welfare financing and the fiscal roles of social insurance contributions
  • Income maintenance programs
  • Family Policy  
Selected publications:
Koreh M.  (Forthcoming) The fiscal politics of welfare state expansion: the case of social insurance in Israel, Journal of European Social policy.
Koreh, M & Shalev, M. (Forthcoming). Pathways to neoliberalism: The institutional logic of a welfare state reform.  In Maron, A. & Shalev, M (ED) Neoliberalism as a State Project: Changing the Political Economy of Israel. Oxford University Press
Koreh M. (2015 online ahead of publication). Political economy of social insurance: toward a fiscal centered approach to welfare state development. Social policy and administration.
Chernichovsky, D, Koreh, M. Soffer, S., & Avrami, S.(2010). Long-term care in Israel: challenges and reform options. Health Policy 96(3) 217-225
Koreh, M., & Shalev, M., (2009). Dialectics of institutional change: The transformation of social insurance financing in Israel. Socio-Economic Review 7,(4) 553-584  (lead article)