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  • Dr. Maria Korman

    Dr. Maria Korman

    Department of Occupational Therapy
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Maria Korman co-heads the Center for Innovations in Rehabilitation Technology at the Department of Occupational Therapy.  Her research focuses on studying the mechanisms underlying plastic changes in human brain across the life-span in laboratory as well as “Living Laboratory” (ecological) settings. Her studies aim to conceptualize and experimentally test the theoretical framework of procedural memory formation in the context of novel skill acquisition or re-acquisition, primarily in motor skills. Maria’s work specifically focuses on: understanding of consolidation processes (off-line learning); age-specific and individual requirements for sleep as a skill acquisition and skill consolidation promoting factor; assessing differences and similarities between training in real-life conditions vs. virtual environment, including transfer of learning;  assessing between-modality interactions in the context of touch perception and learning; and development of novel approaches for acquisition and recovery of motor function. She is a neuroscientist and holds a Ph.D. from the Weizmann Institute of Science.