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Dr. Maya Negev's is a faculty member at the School of Public Health, University of Haifa. Her research interests are in the fields of environmental health and environmental policy, including aspects of science-policy interface, regulation, policy implementation, public participation and health impact assessment. She works on topics including chemicals in consumer products, adaptation to climate change, and ecosystem services. She is a board member at the Arava Institute of Environmental Studies. Her PhD focused on a multicultural approach to environmental policy, in the case study of stakeholder participation in health impact assessment. She participated in a health impact assessment on regeneration at UC Berkeley, as a Fulbright visiting scholar, and conducted research on adaptation to climate change in the Public Health Sector in England at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, during a Daniel Turnberg fellowship.

Current projects:

  • Environmental Chemicals in Toys and Baby Products: Quantitative Analysis and Regulatory Assessment. With Dr. Tamar Berman, Dr. Shay Reicher and Dr. Ruti Ardi. Funding: the Environment and Health Fund.
  • Overcoming the Implementation Gap: Fitting Policy Packages for Retrofitting Buildings to Local Authorities in Israel. With Prof. Eran Feitelson, Prof. Eran Razin. Funding: Ministry of Science.
  • Assessment of ecosystem services and human wellbeing in Mount Carmel Biosphere Reserve. With Prof. Ido Izhaki, Dr. Alon Lotan, Dr. Lea Wittenberg, Dr. Shiri Zemah Shamir, Dr. Yusef Hassan, Dr. Daniel Orenstein. Funding: Ministry of Environmental Protection.
  • Ecosystem services and human wellbeing: a national assessment. HaMaarag, Tel Aviv University. Co-lead author, health chapter.
  • Environmental exposures and fetal growth: the Haifa pregnancy cohort study. With Dr. Hagai Levine et al. Funding: Ministry of Environmental Protection.
  • Medical Cannabis Policies: An analysis of the current situation and development of a framework for decision-making. With Dr. Sharon Sznitman. Funding: Israel National Institute For Health Policy Research.


Refereed articles

  • Negev M, Berman T, Reicher S, Sadeh M, Ardi R, Shammai, Y. (2018). Concentrations of trace metals, phthalates, bisphenol A and flame-retardants in toys and childcare products in Israel. Chemosphere. 192:217-224.
  • Negev M, Berman T, Reicher S, Balan S, Soehl A, Goulden S, Ardi R, Shammai Y, Hadar L, Blum A, Diamond ML. (2018). Regulation of chemicals in children's productsHow U.S. and EU regulations impact smaller markets. Science of the Total Environment. 616-617:462-471.
  • Segal E, Negev M, Feitelson E, Zaychik D. (2017). Devising 'Policy Packages' for Seismic Retrofitting of Residences. Natural Hazards. 89(1), 497-519.
  • Zarhin D, Negev M, Vulfson S, Sznitman S. (2017). Medicalization of cannabis: What does it mean?. International Journal of Drug Policy49, 54-57.​
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  • Negev M. (2016). Improving cleanliness in the public space in Israel. Ecology and Environment (In Hebrew).
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Refereed book chapters

  • Negev M. (forthcoming), multicultural policy in education for sustainability. In: Multiculturalism and public policy. Eds.: Ben-Porat G, Yona Y, Bashir B. Van Leer Institute: Jerusalem.
  • Teschner N, Negev M. (2013). The development of water infrastructures in Israel: past, present and future. In: Shared Borders, Shared Waters:  Israeli-Palestinian and Colorado River Basin Water Challenges. Eds.:  Megdal SB, Varady RG, Eden S. UNESCO-IHE. 
  • Marcinkowski T, Shin D, Negev M, Sagy, G, Garb, Y, McBeth, BM, Hungerford H, Volk T, Meyers R & Erdogan M. (2012). National Assessments of Environmental Literacy. In: International Handbook of Research on Environmental Education. Eds.:  Stevenson RB, Brody M, Dillon J, Wals AEJ. Routledge: New York.

Policy papers

  • Negev M. (2014) Environmental health policy: Inter-ministerial aspects. The Hartog School of Government and Policy, Tel Aviv University. Available at: In Hebrew.
  • Negev M, Garb Y, Benstein J. (2009), Promoting education for sustainability in the Arab sector in Israel. Scientific report submitted to the Ministry of Environment, Israel. Available at In Hebrew. 
  • Negev M, Garb Y, Benstein J. (2009), Promoting education for sustainability in the Ultraorthodox sector in Israel. Scientific report submitted to the Ministry of Environment, Israel. Available at In Hebrew.
  • Seto E, Chao C, Dill L, Gilhuly K, Kontgis C, Breslar J, Negev M. (2009) HOPE VI to HOPE SF San Francisco Public Housing Redevelopment: A Health Impact Assessment. Scientific report submitted to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) By the Health Impact Group, University of California, Berkeley.
  • Tal A, Al Hmaidi MS, Gleason J, Mitchell L, Chernaik M, Negev M, Bitterman M. (2007) Draft Agreement on Environmental Cooperation between the Governments of the State of Israel & the Palestinian National Authority. Friends of the Earth Middle East, Amman, Bethlehem, Tel Aviv.