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Research and teaching central topics

 - Health law and ethics

- Public health law and ethics

- Research ethics

- Rights of minors and their families in clinical settings.

Positions held   

2005 – Present          Board Member, The International Center for Health, Law and Ethics, University  Of Haifa.  
2007 – Present          Chair, Ethics Committee, Bnei Tzion Medical Center  
2008 – Present          Member, ERB (Helsinki Committee), Bnei Tzion Medical Center
2010 – Present          Chair – Ethics Committee, Galilee Medical Center  
2012 – Present          Clinical Ethicist, Bnei Zion Medical Center, Haifa  
2013 – Present          Deputy Chair, Research ERB, the Faculty of Welfare and Health, University of    Haifa.   
2016 – Present          Deputy Chair –Ethics Committee, IDF Medical Corps     
Membership in Governmental Committees  

2013-Present           Member, Ministry of Health’s appointed Committee for the design and implementation of public participation in immunization policy.   
2016-present            Member, Ministry of Health’s steering committee for the promotion of ethics committees in the health system​
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    II Publications
    Doctorate Thesis
    Maya Peled-Raz, The Regulation of Medical Research on Children: In Place of Informed Consent.  
    Supervised By: Prof. Ariel Bendor, Prof. Amos Shapira
    G. Siegal, M. Peled, Hospital Ethics Committees, Medicine and Law (Heb.) 17: 6-12 (1997). (Heb.)
    M. Peled-Raz, M. Forschner, A Solution Right Under Our Noses?: Article 15(2) of the Patients' Rights Bill as a Proper Legal Tool in Cases of Adults Inflicted with Anorexia Nervosa, Medicine and Law  32: 155-164 (2005). (Heb.)   
    M. Peled-Raz, M. Hakim, Human Papilloma-virus Vaccine: The Appropriate Policy for Israel, Medicine and Law 37: 55-65 (2007). (Heb.)  
    M. Peled-Raz, No more all or nothing: Abandoning the Israeli "Balance or Probability" rule in cases of vague and subjective medical causation, Medicine and Law 27(4): 743-754 (2008)  
    M. Peled-Raz, Medical Screening tools and the Applicability of the Informed Consent Doctrine,  Medicine and Law 41: 11-25 (2009)  (heb.)  
    M. Peled-Raz, “You’ll thank us later”: compulsory treatment notwithstanding the patient’s informed refusal, Hapraklit 53(1), 61-105 (2014) (heb.)
    L. J. Rosen, M. Peled-Raz, Tobacco Policy in Israel: 1948-2014 and Beyond, 4(12) Israel Journal of Health Policy Research (2015) (15 pages)
    N. Willner, M. Peled-Raz, D. Shteinberg, M. Shteinberg, D. Keren and T. Rainis, Digital recording and documentation of endoscopic procedures: Do patients and doctors think alike?, Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology vol. 2016, Article ID 2493470, 7 pages (2016).
    M. Peled-Raz, Legitimate Governmental Intervention in Decisions Relating to the Health of the Individual, in HEALTH PROMOTION IN ISRAEL 213-231 (Baron-Epel, Daoud, Levin-Zamir eds. 2016)
    Accepted for Publication
     N. Karako-Eyal, R. Gilbar, M. Peled-Raz, Y. Green, S. Perry, N. Flibtzki, E. Gil, The Dying Patient Act: Preliminary Findings pilot study examining the attitudes of physicians and practices, in ETHICAL DILEMMAS AT THE END OF LIFE (Minerva Center 2017) (~15)
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